Sunday, April 5, 2009

Searching the Site(help, indexing, searching)

An explaination of the search options available on

Daylight Savings Time on the Polycom IP601(asterisk, daylight savings time, dst, ip601, polycom, voip)

The default settings of the Polycom IP601 SIP phone don't support current US daylight savings time rules. Here's how to configure it.

HP Digital Sender 8100c(digital sender, linux, repair, scanner, scripts)

Background, information, and use of the 8100c in a UNIX/Linux environment.

Brainbench(brainbench, cog, employment, quality, testing)

A few notes on my experiences taking the Brainbench C++ evaluation.

Asterisk Problems(asterisk, digium, voip, zaptel)

After upgrading Asterisk and the associated drivers, I had problems using a Digium TDM400p for outbound calls on the PSTN.

Enabling the Mac OS X Root Account(Apple TV, Mac OS X, command line)

It's easy to enable the root account under Mac OS X - unless you need to do it from the command line.

Spam Filter(greylisting, openbsd, spam, spamd)

After much research, an effective spam filter has finally been located: openBSD spamd. No false positives, nearly 100% accuracy.


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